• Bohnen+Messtek levará novidades em medição de energia para LAUW 2017 8/31/2017

    Uma das expositores de evento para o setor de utilities, a empresa apresenta solução capaz de identificar fraudes ou desvios de energia elétrica

  • Medição inteligente de água individual pode contribuir para a economia de energia 8/29/2017

    Consumidor pode acompanhar seu consumo diário de água, fazendo escolhas de utilização mais adequadas e econômicas de acordo com seu perfil de uso ao longo do dia. Tema será discutido em encontro de utilities que acontece em setembro

  • Prêmio seleciona os melhores projetos para o setor de energia, água e gás 8/21/2017

    Vencedor receberá uma inscrição, com passagem e hospedagem inclusas, para participar de evento do setor na África do Sul. Inscrições abertas até o dia 25 de agosto

  • Novas regulamentações trazem otimismo para a indústria de energia 8/17/2017

    Para o CEO da Nansen, Alexandre Suprizzi, a tarifa branca e outros projetos legislativos em discussão podem contribuir positivamente para o aumento da demanda no segmento de medidores de energia 

  • Encontro reúne inovações para os segmentos de energia, água e gás 7/31/2017

    Incentivados pela perspectiva de investimentos, empresas buscam soluções para crescente na demanda e abrem o debate de novas diretrizes para todo setor de utilities

  • The premier conference in the utilities industry in Latin America will meet to discuss the direction of Smart Cities in Brazil

    The premier conference in the utilities industry in Latin America will meet to discuss the direction of Smart Cities in Brazil


    • Latin American Utility Week will be held in September in SP and will bring together utilities companies, suppliers and industry experts to discuss best practices in the energy, water and gas segments
    • One of the new features in this edition is “LAUW Innovation”, a fresh concept that provides an Overview of the Conference, the VIP Utility program and the Business Round of Meetings.
    • Another high point of the Conference will be the Latin American Utility Week Awards, that will honour the year’s most innovative projects in energy, water and gas metering, smart grids and smart systems


    How can IT, cloud and telecom systems applied to energy networks help turn Brazilian urban centres into Smart Cities (intelligent cities)? These and other questions are the topics that entrepreneurs and experts will discuss during the 14th Latin American Utility Week (LAUW). The most important conference in the utilities industry in Latin America will be held from September 13 to 15 at the Transamerica Expo Centre in São Paulo.


    The event will have the participation of suppliers of equipment, technology and automation solutions for network management and the generation, transmission, distribution and sale of energy; metering applications for water and gas; and smart grids. There will be exhibits and representatives of at least 60 brands, more than 140 conference attendees and over 2000 visitors in the three-day event.


    "We will present case studies, share experiences and discuss domestic and international best practices in that demonstrate the importance of technological innovation for providing excellence in services to these sectors," the General Director of Clarion Events Brazil, Sergio Jardim.


    Innovationone of the new features of this edition of the Conference is LAUW Innovation, which covers the Conference program, VIP and the Utilities business round. "This is a new concept that will promote the interaction of exhibitors, speakers, delegates and visitors, fostering a creative business environment and new business partnership opportunities," says Jardim.


    The Conference will bring together the top executives of from the utilities sector in Brazil and Latin America to offer a panoramic view focusing on the dynamism and interactivity of the industry. Conference attendees will be able to access to a large room where four simultaneous presentations will be taking place, each on a different stage where, using a headset, they will be able to tune in to speakers on one in the following macro-thematic areas: Metering, Smart Grids, Renewables, Water and Smart Cities.


    The Metering presentation will address topics such as advanced metering, Revenue Protection, regulation of measurement and data management. The Smart Grids stage will deal with issues such as implementation of intelligent technology for transmission and distribution; the regulatory and fiscal outlook; Data security; and the interaction between utilities companies and the consumer.  In the Renewables area topics such as distributed generation and renewable energy sources; storage and energy efficiency; energy auctions and financing options; and marketing of energy will be discussed.


    On the Water stage the management; recycling and reuse of water; multi-level measurement; and new ways of optimizing water use will be the topics of discussion. Finally, on the Smart Cities stage the issues to be emphasized are intelligent systems management; the use of new business models for utilities; Telecom infrastructure for utilities; IOT and Big Data.


    The Utilities VIP Program is designed to strengthen the relationships between suppliers and buyers in the utilities sector, fostering an environment that promotes the generation of new business. The business rounds are pre-scheduled meetings at predetermined times between exhibitors and procurement officers from utilities companies in generation, transmission and distribution of energy, water and gas, and will be scheduled for the second day of the event.  Exhibitors will be able to schedule meeting with 7 to 10 utilities representatives, with the goal of generating and expanding relationships and the purchase and sale of products and services.


    Awards – Another new feature at the 14th LAUW will be the Latin American Utility Week Awards, recognizing the five most innovative projects in the energy, water and gas metering, smart grids and smart systems. “The LAUW Award is an incentive and offers recognition for domestic companies investing in projects that contribute to effective solutions in each of the categories," notes Sergio Jardim.


    The winners of each category will receive a certificate of recognition for excellence and contribution to sector, dissemination of articles in LAUW publications, the publication of an article in Metering & Smart Energy magazine, publication of an article in ESI Africa, a trade magazine, registration for the 2017 edition of the conference and a subscription to the next edition of the European Utility Week, which will take place from November 15 to 17, in Barcelona.


    About LAUW


    Organized by Clarion Events Brazil, the 14th edition of the Latin America Utility Week (LAUW) will bring together the leading companies in Latin America and Brazil in generation, transmission and distribution, storage and marketing, water and gas metering, smart grid projects, management of water and energy resources, IT and Telecom, networks and smart cities of Latin America. In the exhibition space, the program includes an international conference that will address the principal concerns of the sectors related to the event. LAUW 2016 will take place from September 13 to 15, 2016 at the Transamerica Expo Centre, in São Paulo (SP). More information can be found at LAUW is part of a global portfolio that includes other four events around the world: European Utility Week, Australian Utility Week, African Utility Week and Asian Utility Week.


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